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GLOBAL awakening:
kingdom foundations

MARCH 11-14, 2020

Join Randy Clark, Bill Johnson, and many other great revivalists at New Life City on March 11th-14th for a four(4) day conference on healing and modern day revival.From the First Great Awakening to Azusa Street to Albuquerque NM, the story of Heaven coming to earth is still being written. Kingdom Foundations is designed to help you find your place in that story. To help you find your tribe. To firm up your foundation with theology, practical tools, a fresh filling, and an activation in Spiritual gifts.

Come discover what God is doing all around the world, and be encouraged as you dig deeper into the power of God for yourself and those you’re called to reach.


Service Times and Locations

new life city church building


5454 Venice Ave. NE

Saturdays - 6p
Sundays - 10a

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Watch services Live during regular service times or view recent sermons on our Youtube Channel.



We believe that no matter how big or small the church his, building meaningful connections is paramount.

New Life Groups play a vital role in strengthening and maintaining the health and well-being of our church community. Each group ministers to a variety of interests and people experiencing different phases of life.

We know ... your schedule is sometimes difficult to navigate. Our New Life Groups meet throughout the week, both at the church, in homes and other locations throughout the city. We're confident you'll find a group that speaks to you, so click the button below to find your New Life Group.

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