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We livestream every weekend services and most conferences. No matter where you are in the world, you'll be able to join your family in worshiping Jesus. Our YouTube channel also has a vast archive of our services and conferences. You can find our most recent services below, but the majority of the content is found on YouTube.


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A woman broke an Alabaster flask worth a year’s wages and poured it onto Jesus’ head, effectively giving up a year of her life to honor Jesus. This woman was wasting herself on him and announcing prophetically that Jesus was going to waste himself on all of human kind. When we take communion together, we are proclaiming Jesus and what he did for us when he poured out his blood for the forgiveness of sins. As a result, we are in the new covenant; we are a part of the house of forgiveness. 

responsibility: personal, moral, everlasting

“This is a call to be what God has called us to be. This is saying, 'We're the responsible ones.' And you say, 'It's too much for me. I don't know how to do it.' Then feed somebody who's hungry. You do empty the ocean with a teaspoon.”

kingdom wedding

We’re getting married. Jesus as the bridegroom calls us to live in a state of readiness in anticipation of his return. As a family and the bride of Christ, we are entering into 40 days of fasting to lean into intimacy with God in the lead up to Resurrection Sunday.

times and seasons

A lot of fear and anxiety has taken root in the church over "End Time" pronouncements of being "left behind". This warning has been used to describe a coming rapture of the saints where the one taken will be raptured up to heaven to be with Jesus. However, the Biblical context describes that the one taken is to be judged while the remnant were to be Kingdom occupiers. What we think was the end of the world was the end of Old Covenant Israel and the New Beginning was the marriage of heaven and earth, a new life with Christ as the head. Will you be left behind? The answer will give you hope.