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We livestream every weekend services and most conferences. No matter where you are in the world, you'll be able to join your family in worshiping Jesus. Our YouTube channel also has a vast archive of our services and conferences. You can find our most recent services below, but the majority of the content is found on YouTube.


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Gospel of the kingdom

Do you have a gospel? Matthew uses the phrase, "the Gospel of the Kingdom" three times. Other gospel writers use "the Kingdom of God" or "the Kingdom of Heaven." It's the same Kingdom all around. Most Christians say the gospel is believing in Jesus so we'll go to heaven. That's not the way the first century Christians thought of the gospel. The good news is that we have a King and he rules over his kingdom in power and might. 

Healing on its Wings

One way to know we're religious is to notice how easily we get offended at forgiveness when it is freely given to others, especially our enemies. God's grace and mercy is handed out freely to those who receive. With Christ's grace, there is no accounting; we're just forgiven. Your sins are forgiven, go ahead and rest in the goodness of God's grace. Do you believe it? Pastor Alan works through the story of the paralytic, Jesus calling Matthew, and new wineskins in this freeing word.

Son of God

Pastor Alan dives into Matthew chapter 8 and addresses the hard subject of demons and faith. He goes deeper into the first events where the revelation of Jesus being the "Son of God" occurs. 

The Faith To Follow

Death is a constant in human life and many question God's goodness in the face of it. Christ was swallowed up into death and destroyed it because he had authority over it. He then said to his disciples and to us, "Follow me." All of us will be called to greater things in Jesus but not everything will be easy. Christ was swallowed up by death and defeated it. The question of the hour is: Do you believe Jesus has the authority in our lives to do what he has done? For we cannot really follow Jesus if we want authority over our own lives.