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We livestream every weekend services and most conferences. No matter where you are in the world, you'll be able to join your family in worshiping Jesus. Our YouTube channel also has a vast archive of our services and conferences. You can find our most recent services below, but the majority of the content is found on YouTube.


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just as you are

In the Kingdom, some are in and some are out; The Kingdom is inclusive and exclusive. Many are called but few are chosen. How do we understand the difference? We are in a big tent revival and Jesus is still trying to get a bigger tent. Jesus has called us and is calling others into his tent, into his family. The chosen are the ones who listen.

let me tell you a story

We need Jesus to breathe on us and make us come alive. Life in Jesus brings more than we could ever have expected, and we are seeking more. However, sometimes going into more leads us into those who seek to devour us. Regardless, we must share the gospel of Christ to all, even those who annoy or offend us.

into the storm

“You are the kingdom, and you’re more than that in this way: you’re the habitation of God himself, that is the kingdom, but when he destroys the temple, this is what he builds; the body of Christ.” - Pastor Alan Hawkins

light in the darkness

We are called to be light in the darkness even in the midst of our own storms. No matter the trials and tribulations that happen to us, we can rely on Jesus to support us and lead us and create us to be lights in the darkness.