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reign with him

We’re in a time where many are rejecting the Christian faith and will react strongly and negatively against anyone who attends church or has any ties to Evangelicalism. In response, many Christians swing the pendulum far to the right and try to engage in ‘dominion’ ideology. Christ sits on neither side and instead calls us to his kingdom, and in Christ’s kingdom the first shall be last.

simplicity of the gospel

In our lives, there are plenty of things that draw us away from the simplicity of who Jesus is. We must remember to walk in the simplicity of the gospel and not let the ties and bonds of the enemy divert us, especially during the Christmas season.


There is a spirit of intimidation in the culture today that seeks to stifle Christians and suppress the name of Christ. We’re to proclaim the name of Jesus everywhere we go despite any mockery or anger that may arise. How can we be bold in the face of intimidation?

rich man, poor man

“What must I do to have eternal life?” We often think about going to heaven after we die, however, we should be more invested in how to today live the life of the age to come, free from the bonds of our culture and moving in the Holy Spirit.