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Family Ties: brethren

The gospel is full of radical grace, but we’ve managed to reduce the world’s understanding of Christ to be primarily about judgement. We can forgive because of all that we’ve received. No one could possibly have done more against us to exhaust what we have received from God.

vos day five: nick gough

In our final day of the Voice of the Shepherds, Dr. Nick Gough spoke on our identity from God and how we can start walking in agreement with our identity.

vos day four: rodney hogue

Unity in the church is attainable and it starts with every one of us. Dr. Rodney Hogue discusses unity in the body and urges us to be unified.

vos women’s meeting: kim maas

Dr. Kim Maas spoke directly to the women of Albuquerque in this special session aimed at encouraging women as leaders in the body of Christ.

vos day three: nick gough

Dr. Nick Gough inspired us to seek after the Kingdom and to be expectant for revival. We are seeing a generation of youth raised up to foster that revival. What is God speaking to you about revival?