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a Prophet's reward

The Christian life is pretty simple: It's receiving and giving. Yet, receiving can be one of the hardest things to do. We've been trainied to be rational, logical human beings, but in order to move in the spiritual realm, we have to learn how to receive. "Water always flows to the lowest place." Receiving begins with humbling ourselves. Humility is not something we ask God for, it's something we do. We put ourself in this small place. We keep on knocking, asking, and receiving.

Faith, fear, and following Jesus

God has designed you to live above the fear of man, however, we often find our fears and anxieties lead us to live according to fear instead of God's word. How do we live without the fear of man and trust in the fear of the Lord?

he is risen

In this Resurrection Sunday sermon, Pastor Alan reminds us that Easter Sunday is for everybody who's wept at a grave; everybody who's failed and tried; every believer who's in trouble and struggling and hurting and afraid and wounded and being batted around by critics and scorners. It is for us. We are resurrection people.

Freedom from shame

Shame comes from something you've done or because of something done to you, among other things. We often feel shame, but shame is not our inheritance. All of life is God getting us back to Eden where there is no sin, no shame, no brokenness, and no sickness. Jesus will come back to restore the earth to Eden, but until then we must battle the powers and principalities that seek to oppress us with shame.