Voice of the Shepherds Testimonies

In October 2017, New Life City had its first Voice of the Shepherds conference featuring Kim Maas, Nick Gough, Rodney Hogue, and our own Pastor Alan Hawkins. Here are a couple testimonies from that time.


Hi, I’m Nicole and this is my husband Rob and we go to New Life City church in Albuquerque, NM. And Kim Maas is here for a conference this weekend, the Voice of the Shepherds, and we told her a testimony of when she was here 8 months ago when we were new to the church.

She came here, did a conference then, and she prophesied over both of us. She told me that I was a prophet and that she put her mantle on me and I had been running from that for years. I had been hurt over that by people in other churches and family members, so I just gave it up. And when she said that, I started stepping back into it. I started reading books and studying all I could on the prophetic in the Bible and really just pushing myself to give words. And the Lord has been increasing that gifting in me and so it’s been quite a blessing.

She also told us that we should start a life group in our home for New Life City and I had been also running from that. I was just afraid of doing that for different reasons and three weeks later, after she said that, we started a life group at our home. We’ve had people set free from physical problems. We’ve had people set free from anxiety and depression. We’ve had people come in that were hurt by the body and didn’t want anything to do with it and now they’re getting plugged in and becoming a part of the church and really moving in what the Lord’s called them to. And then she spoke some things over my husband, so I’ll let him tell those.


God has really pressed on my heart to start a homeless ministry. He changed my heart about it and because of what Kim has been teaching, we started a group called, “The One.” It’s about going out and finding the one and bringing them back to the Lord and just loving on them and ministering to them. She also prophesied leadership over me. Blaine Cook also did as well and got us really stepping into those things. So we’re just thankful for her following God and allowing her to be used of God to speak into people and break the shell’s that, you know, need to set us free.


Jordan gave a testimony of how God spoke to hiThis week I’ve just been really pressing into God and really been seeking after His face and what He has for me. I really feel like…I got a couple words from Nick and a word from Kim that really confirmed the evangelism over my life and what I’m moving in into school and bringing kids into the Kingdom throughout my school and really not caring what anybody thinks.