Mark Testimony: "God is amazing and awesome"


Hi everybody. God is amazing and awesome. He’s doing magnificent things in my life. I’m actually at one of the hardest times that I’ve ever faced in my life before. I’ve never had a trial so grand in my life where I feel like things have just been ripped out from me. My family’s going through some trial’s and tribulations. Since I’ve been here at New Life City, there’s been pastoral counseling that has reached out to me and has comforted me in these areas, providing me with counsel and how I should continue to perceive this walk of life. They check on me whole-heartedly concerning how I’m doing, what my circumstances look like, and what I’m doing to create change that I want to see.

Life groups at New Life City have really ministered to me. There’s many life groups different nights of the week. They’re all different. And it’s shown me the element of family. They’re not just support groups but they’re a place I can go and just soak in what God is doing among the congregation and just to love on people. And people pray with me and they help me walk through this on a regular basis.

When I got here, I didn’t want to come in here and just be like, “Hey guys, this is who I am. These are the things I want to do.” So I asked God to lead me if he wanted me to serve on a particular ministry. And he told me to return to my first love and I didn’t know what that meant. At that very moment, I saw a deaf person talking to an interpreter in the corner and I ran up to him really excited and introduced myself, totally just interrupted their conversation. I asked the Lord, “If you want me to do anything with this, will you please just lead me.” Soon after that, I got confirmation that very night. Chuck Elmore stood up and he offerred try outs for the worship team and it’s the first time he’d ever done it. I ran up to him really excited and said, “Look Chuck, I’d really like to try out for the worship team.” He asked me, “What is it that you do?” I told him that I’d love to interpret in sign language.

Since then New Life City has allowed me to interpret the worship. What we’re doing is watching the youth just come alive through worship and they’ve taken a huge interest in it and they’re starting to really lead in that element of worship and it’s just a beautiful thing.

I’m glad I’ve had the opportunities to serve here, to minister among my fellow brothers and sisters and everything that the Lord has provided as far as family, you know, feeling like everything has been ripped away from me, He’s provided so much more. It’s comforting. It’s a place where I’m comfortable and I know that I’m loved. I’m always welcomed. I’m always encouraged and it’s beautful. Amen.