Testimonies from Children's Ministry Weekend

Children praying for man in church
Children praying for woman in church

During our Resurrection Sunday services, our children helped lead a few songs of worship and then walked around the auditorium in groups, with their chaperones, ministering to those whom Jesus led them to and handing out prophetic art created beforehand. Here are a couple testimonies about that time.

Your young children prayed so powerfully for me on Sunday morning. Last week I had a blood vessel burst in my right eye. The doctor told me it was going to take 2 weeks to clear up. I had the children pray for me on Sunday morning and by Sunday afternoon it was already beginning to clear up. This morning it is even more clear, on its way to complete healing.

They prayed with such confidence and boldness and it was beautiful!

Thank you for what you are pouring into the children of our church. Blessings to you.


Thank you for blessing the Church with your love and prayers on Easter Sunday...

Children of New Life City Church,  I wanted to write a quick note to thank you for blessing the Church with your love and prayers this past Easter Sunday.  It was a gift to have you lead worship.  Our family especially loved the sign language at the end.  A couple of groups ended up praying for me during the service.  How bold and brave your loving prayers were.  My favorite part was the hugs you each gave me after you finished praying.  I was also given a prophetic painting. (see pic below)  It was perfect for me and exactly what I needed.   It even brought tears to my husband's eyes as he read it.  Thank you for giving me the painitng.  I will treasure it always.

-- - - - - - - - -

Pastor Amber,  you and your staff are a gift to our Church.  As I have begun helping in the classrooms it has been a joy to watch you truly Pastor and not just babysit the children.  They all seem to love the lessons each week and the teachers are so tuned into the kids.  I see the children truly growing in their walk with Christ as you have taken the passion view that they are little people in need of a deep lasting relationship with their Creator.  Thank you for giving and giving of yourselves to the families of the NLC Chruch.  We are grateful and so blessed by your faithfulness. 

- - - - - - - - - - - -

Pastor Amber, I want you to know how much I appreciate your Pastors heart.  You are a gifted and so called to do what you are doing.  Your gracious approach to children is refreshing.  I watch you love and care for the leaders and in turn, they love the kiddos with the same passion.  Thank you for pastoring my daughter.   You mentoring of her is truly fanning the flame in her heart for serving children.  She can tell you believe in her, this inspires her to serve evem more. I am grateful for your loving influence.  I watch you take young people under your wing to love them and help them grow in life and godliness.  It is working! You are truly living the call of God to make disciples.  One of your greatest gifts is the ability to gather and inspire people to lead through service.  You are phenomenal at building a team that works together like a family.  I want you to know that I love serving under you and that I beielve in all you are doing.  I know your life is filled with many demands and I only pray that the Lord himself will lead, bless, and continue to guide as you and your husband serve faithfully the people of God.  

Love you dearly,