Carey Testimony: "Thank you Jesus Christ for healing my body"

Hi, I’m Carey Galloway and I’ve been here at church a few years. And more importantly, I’ve actually been injured since 2005 and I’ve had problems with my hips and my back for years now. And I have been to several chiropractor appointments and all kinds of therapy and all kinds of stuff trying to get myself better. I’ve struggled and struggled through it all. It’s been hard. I’ve never been able to work out since 2005 because every time I try I can’t do it because I hurt too much.

And let me tell you, about a month ago, I was here at the church and Ben was giving a sermon about praising the Lord. And I went from my chair, where I was barely able to get up out of the chair, hurting so bad that day, and I went to the front to praise the Lord as he asked people to come up to the front. And I went up there and I was praising the Lord and I was feeling like, “I’m trying here. I’m trying here.” You know. I was going through the motions of praising the Lord and then all of a sudden I just went “Praise the Lord!” and like my whole body just clenched up almost or something and I like, literally, praised the Lord with every ounce of my being in that moment.

And in that moment, and since then, I’ve been pain free. And I am working out now and I am feeling amazing. I just want to thank Jesus Christ for saving me from my detriment of just struggle, struggle all the time. I just can’t tell you enough how grateful I am. Thank you church for being here with me. Thank you, Ben. Thank you Jesus Christ for healing my body.