" I am on my way to living a shame-free life" Testimonies from Creating Connections Class

Jessica Janet welcoming people to church.

Jessica Janet welcoming people to church.

Earlier this year, Jessica Janet led a class on building authentic relationships by studying the book The Gifts of Imperfection by Brene Brown.

Here are a few testimonies from those in the class.



"After taking this class I feel closer to more people at NLC. The class gave me freedom to walk up to people from class and engage with them on a Saturday/Sunday."

"Feeling more empowered to be vulnerable with others, and more aware of how often I have tended to 'evaluate' myself or others vs. just being, which led me to decide on an 'evaluation' fast. Also had longings for more 'fun' (play) in my life validated and encouraged, as well as tugs to get back into some more creativity." - Melissa

"The book and class helped me deal with my shame in a healthy way - a way I never knew before. I truly believe I am on my way to living a shame-free life!" -Stephanie


"The Gifts of Imperfection class is a breath of fresh air in living authentic lives. It's not so much learning more, but lifting off the burdens that weigh us down. Let go of shoulds and oughts and be yourself. Great class!" -Carol

"The class helped me work through some issues of grief in the sharing sessions. I met a lovely young lady I didn't know before and we have bonded as friends. The book helped me in the area of being calm and still. The class taught me to 'embrace who I am' and not who I think I am supposed to be, seeking what the Lord wants for my future."

"I feel more confident in trusting new people. I have the keys to continue living a wholehearted life." -Kayla

"I'm more aware of the fallacy of the shame dumps that have periodically come upon me. I tried Brene's method of immediately calling someone and agree that the shame is disempowered."

"I feel more at peace with who I am as a person. The class and reading the book were a real gift. The author, Brene Brown, is really good at communicating that even though our lives are imperfect, we all have value and are worthy of love and connection. How true! How authentic!" -Greg


"I'm more open to taking risks. I have accepted parts of me more, and learned a few more tools to go beyond areas that have 'stumped' me."

"I am more open, thoughtful. I've slowed down my pace. I am engaging better."

"As far as my own testimony from teaching the class, it's just been really fun! I loved every person who attended and we all got along well as a group. I enjoyed getting to know everyone in my class and, getting different perspectives, and hearing each person share from their heart. It's difficult to teach on vulnerability without being vulnerable yourself, so the class also helped stretch me in that area as I shared things from my own life each week." - Jessica