Fiercely pursuing Jesus & His plans for our children

Amber Swardson

Children's Pastor

Amber grew up in Albuquerque, NM attending The Vineyard. While there, she received a strong spiritual foundation, an exposure to church planting, and life in the Holy Spirit. In 2004, Amber’s call into ministry was ignited through her service as a teacher for the New Life City preschool ministry. She attended the University of New Mexico (and various spiritual schools including Bethel Children Leadership School) where she was strongly influenced by her coursework in early childhood education/development and relational based parenting and therapeutic parenting models. She and her husband Brad serve as foster parents to children in crisis situations.

In 2018, Amber joined the New Life City staff as the children’s pastor. Her goal is to follow the Holy Spirit to establish strong biblical and spiritual foundations in the younger generation. Working with parents, they raise a generation of children who never know life without a relationship with Jesus Christ.