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The Threat of Convenient Christianity

Everyone is created with a longing for Christ that has been put into us from the very beginning. Today, we have tried to satisfy that longing with a buffet of “Christianisms” that complicate the simplicity of the gospel by trying to appease greater society. We are not called to reflect culture; we are called to reflect God on this earth. The former cultivates convince, the latter obedience.

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Don’t Disqualify Yourself!

Brian Starley spoke on Saturday about how we often disqualify ourselves from what God has called us to out of fear, complaining, or stubbornness. Brian shared several stories of God moving through him in times he didn’t want to do anything but ignore the call of God. However, with each story, we hear how Brian stepped into God’s will despite feeling otherwise and we hear how God showed up each and every time.

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