Our History

We Have A Unique Beginning.


Pastoral Staff

Alan Hawkins
Senior Pastor

Gail Hawkins

Charlie Elmore
Associate Pastor

Ben Stewart
Executive Pastor

Amber Swardson
Children's Pastor

Colleen Sullivan
Youth Pastor



New Life City began in October of 2000 as a melding of members from a Southern Baptist church and a Vineyard church. Pastor Alan Hawkins was a Southern Baptist preacher here in Albuquerque for many years before God awakened him to new experiences with the Holy Spirit. Pastor Alan spoke openly and honestly with his church about his experiences as Alan and Gail tried to figure out what was happening. In a move of God, the members of the Southern Baptist church released Pastor Alan, on good terms with them, to leave and create a new church where Alan would be free to engage in the power of the Holy Spirit.

We are marked by the favor of God. The church was born out of unusual circumstances and united Christians of different denominational beliefs. As the church has grown and people form a variety of backgrounds have made it their home, New Life City has come to be known as a house of worship where the Holy Spirt has the freedom to move and people are allowed to heal, grow, and thrive in the Kingdom of God. We believe God is building us into a habitation for Himself as we live and grow in the new life He’s resurrected us to. God has done and is doing great things at New Life City.



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