Page last updated March 11, 2020

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Response

As the Coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to be an issue in the United States, we felt it pertinent to share with our New Life City family how leadership has been observing the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19), and how we will respond in the event of an outbreak here in New Mexico.

Recently, three confirmed cases have been announced in New Mexico. Continuing to take precautions to avoid illness is prudent especially if you are over the age of 60, have underlying health issues, or have a compromised immune system due to an illness such as cancer, HIV/AIDS, etc. According to the reports we’re seeing, nearly all who do not fall into these three categories have overcome the illness without consequence. Children especially have been found to do well fighting the illness with none under the age of 10 dying from the Coronavirus (COVID-19) as of this writing.

What Precautions Is New Life City Taking Today?

– Our building is cleaned and sanitized weekly. We are taking more precautions to sanitize heavily used areas more frequently.

– Our Kingdom Kids rooms are cleaned and sanitized after every use by our teachers. Surfaces and toys are wiped down and sanitized, bathrooms are cleaned and sanitized, and all trash is emptied.

– We have placed more hand sanitizers throughout the building for your use. Please use accordingly, and when washing with soap and water is not immediately viable.

What Precautions Can You Take When Visiting New Life City Today?

– Hand shakes and hugs are prevalent in any church family and ours is no different. However, be more mindful of others when you enter church. Some may not want contact with another person to avoid sharing germs. If you do not want physical contact, place your hand over your heart when you greet someone.

– When ministering to one another, ask the individual if you may touch them and specify where. Typically, a hand on the shoulder in this season is sufficient. Do not touch the person if that person states they do not want physical contact.

– Wash your hands with soap and warm water for 20 seconds or use a hand sanitizer after shaking hands with one another. Spend extra attention on cleaning your fingertips as that is the area that comes most in contact with surfaces and people.

– Avoid touching your face after contact with other people until you have the chance to wash your hands.

– Stay home or keep your children at home if you or your children have experienced severe symptoms such as fever within the last 24 hours.

– Cover each cough or sneeze with your elbow or tissue.

– You may also stay up-to-date on the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19) by visiting the Center for Disease Control’s website focused primarily on the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak:

Coronavirus (COVID-19) In New Mexico

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) has now been detected here in New Mexico. For the sake of preparedness, here are a few precautions and solutions we will put in place in the event that the Coronavirus (COVID-19) greatly affects our community.

Will New Life City Remain Open During A Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak?

– We will operate normally and maintain our office hours and service times for as long as we can while complying with city and state ordinances on businesses and large gatherings. All other events and/or classes at church will follow suit. All Life Groups will meet at the discretion of each group’s leaders.

– In the event that services must be cancelled, we will continue to offer live-streamed services every weekend through this website and YouTube that we will link to through our website, email newsletter, and social media.

Should People Come To New Life City If They Are Sick And The Coronavirus (COVID-19) Is Spreading In New Mexico?

– While consistently attending church is a high priority for all of us, staying home when sick to avoid spreading the illness should take precedence. In the event of an outbreak here in New Mexico, please stay home or keep your children at home if anyone has a fever or is exhibiting severe symptoms within 24 hours prior to gathering. Doing so is the best way to love your neighbor during an outbreak.

– Likewise, use discernment on attending large gatherings if you live with or regularly come into contact with an individual who is elderly, has underlying health issues, or has a compromised immune system due to another illness.

– If you want prayer while sick, you may still call 505-323-3900, email, or post on our Prayers and Praise Facebook Group. One of us will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

– Everyone who has to miss church due to illness can still participate through our live-stream found on our website or YouTube.

Ultimately, use your own judgment and discernment on what is best for your family. As a church, we will continue to meet regularly while implementing these simple but effective approaches to the Coronavirus (COVID-19). We will not let fear set in but will seek out wisdom in how we react and respond. We love our church family and know that some will take greater or lesser precautions in the event of a Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak here in the city and state. We bless each of you in taking the precautions that you see fit best for your family. We are devoted to you as our church family whether you are gathered here or around the computer at home. Feel free to reach out with your prayer requests and personal needs.

We will update this page as needed.