—  First Steps  —


Get to know us over lunch and then through an in-depth class on our history and our future.

Get to know us during Newcomers Lunch

Get to Know Us

Newcomers Lunch

Every newcomer is invited to a Pastor's home for lunch with the pastoral staff, elders, and others new to the church. We love getting to know one another over a meal, and this is the perfect way to get to know us.

Learn more about us in our foundations class

Learn More About Us

Foundations Class

We are a church founded on the favor of God. Learn more about who we are, where we came from, and where we are going. Pastor Alan leads this special class that discusses our history, our beliefs and our vision.


—  Get Connected —


We have a group for every age to connect.



Kingdom Kids

We teach our children to participate fully in the Kingdom of God. Kingdom Kids is a dynamic ministry that seeks to help children encounter Jesus and grow in their relationship with Him in a fun and safe environment.


The City Youth

We are raising a generation that chases after the Lord's heart. We hunger and desire to see our youth so transformed by the power of the Holy Spirit that they cannot help but to go out and impact the world for Christ.



Exchange Young Adults

The exchange is a place for people to enter into this exchange, surrendering all to Jesus and receiving his mercy, grace, and fellowship in return. Each week we will share the communion table, a place where we receive His life, His body and His blood. It’s here that we recognize, as Paul said in his letter to the Galatians, that we no longer live, but Christ lives through us.


Life Groups

We are dedicated to family. We're not members of a church who visit on the weekends and disappear during the week. We are family members who love to spend time with one another. No matter where you live in the city or how old you are, there is a Life Group for you.



—  Go Further —


We offer classes taught by our pastoral staff as well as our church family.


Dig Deeper


As a Spirit and Word church, we are dedicated to Biblical teaching and experiencing the gifts and power of the Holy Spirit. We are constantly hosting classes that lead us into a greater knowledge of the Father's love, who Jesus is, and what the Holy Spirit does. Some classes are led by the pastoral staff while others are led by church family.