Colleen Sullivan


Youth Pastor

Our Youth will transform this city

Born and raised in Maryland, Colleen moved to Albuquerque in 2015 when she joined the New Life City staff as a pastoral intern. Colleen’s journey to us began in November 2012 when she has a powerful encounter with Jesus which set her life on a new trajectory. She attended the Global School of Supernatural Ministry, traveled to Cambodia and Tanzania on mission trips, and is gifted with a natural pastoral ability that has greatly impacted the youth and young adults at New Life City. Colleen has served as Youth Pastor of The City Youth Group for three years. She has a passion for this young generation, and carries a desire for youth to encounter the Lord in a profound way that is not about their parents but their own relationship with the Lord. Colleen serves with the belief that our youth will transform this city and this nation as well as the world.



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