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Church Staff

Our Staff

We Are A Pastor-Led Church.


Pastoral Team

The pastors make decisions concerning the vision of the church and its daily operations. Our pastoral staff is overseen by elders within the church, and Pastor Alan has submitted himself to three overseers who are all pastors outside of our fellowship.


Senior Pastor

Alan Hawkins


Executive Pastor

Ben Stewart


Gail Hawkins


Youth Pastor

Colleen Sullivan

Senior Associate Pastor

Charlie Elmore


Children's Pastor

Amber Swardson



Support Team

The support staff helps the pastoral team by absorbing tasks related to the daily operations and maintenance of the church.



Betty Newmon


Communications Director

Steve Dragswolf


Admin Assistant

Nikki Sloane


Technical/Productions Manager

Sean Regal




Our elders provide accountability and support to the church and our pastors. The elders meet periodically to gauge the spiritual health of the church and provide oversight on any changes or decisions regarding the church.


Alan Hawkins

Gail Hawkins


Steve Carlson

Hugh Floyd


Charlie Elmore

Joan Christy




Our interns support our church staff and community in helpful roles that both feed into our community and into their lives as ministers of Christ.

Anthony Hawkins

Anthony Hawkins