Perfectly United Worship Conference

Perfectly United Worship Conference

5454 Venice Ave NE Albuquerque, New Mexico 87113

time 9:00 am

November 17, 2017


November 19, 2017


“In the name of our Lord Jesus Christ…be perfectly united in mind and thought.” – 1 Corinthians 1:10

Our different expressions of worship are a celebration of Christ that brings about unity in the Spirit. Perfectly United is an opportunity for worship leaders and worshippers in the body of Christ to come together and engage with one another in corporate worship, workshops, and fellowship.  Steve Swanson is our main speaker and worship leader throughout the conference.

In our morning breakout sessions, attendees will learn what it means to worship God in Spirit and truth, hear insights on the role of the body of Christ in worship and action through our increasingly divided times, understand ways to help others worship Jesus individually and corporately, and learn the scriptural and artistic fundamentals that worship art entails.

Our afternoon immersive workshops are longer times spent together working on a chosen expression of worship. Caleb Brundidge will teach on flagging and movement, Sean Regal will share his insights on the technical and spiritual aspects of sound engineering for the church, Steve Swanson will lead a rehearsal for worship leaders and team members for a choir to perform during New Life City’s saturday evening service, and the New Life City Art Guild will teach prophetic worship art. Read full details of our breakout sessions and workshops below.

Registration can be completed at the door on Saturday morning. There is no fee to attend the conference, but two workshops require materials fees.


Steve Swanson

Caleb Brundidge

Dave Meyers

Dee Brown

Art Guild



Friday, November 17th



Saturday, November 18th

9am, 10am, 11am 12pm 2pm 4pm 6pm


Sunday, November 19th



Saturday Morning Opening Session (9am)

Steve Swanson will address the conference attendees.

Saturday Morning Breakout Sessions (10am, 11am, Choose Two Sessions)

Authentic Adoration – Recording artist and itinerant worship minister Dave Meyers discusses what it means to worship God in Spirit and in truth.

Prophetic Worship Art: Foundations (Introduction) – Maurita Hudson and Julie Gay of the NLC Art Guild will lay out vision and direction of prophetic worship art and discuss scriptural and artistic fundamentals that worship art entails.

Prophetic Worship Art: Advanced Concepts – This session is a pre-requisite for the Immersive Workshop of the same name. In this session, Paul and Jan Atencio will help prep the attendees for the art project they will work on in the afternoon.

Dirty Work: Being the Church in a Racially Tense Society – Local worship pastor Dee Brown shares his insights on the role of the body of Christ in worship and in action through increasingly divided times.

A Worshipper’s Heart – Caleb Brundidge will share what he’s learned from his itinerant worship ministry of helping others worship Jesus both individually and corporately.


Saturday Afternoon Immersive Workshops (2-4pm Workshop, Choose One)

Kinetic Worship: Flags and Movement – Caleb Brundidge travels the world bringing a unique expression of worship through flags and movement. In this workshop he will teach vision, Biblical foundations, and hands-on technique for flagging and movement in worship.

Sound Engineering Forum – Sean Regal shares his wisdom and experience from years of touring and mixing sound for internationally-known worship artists. Attendees of this workshop will be able to engage in Q&A with Sean and hear his insights on the technical and spiritual aspects of sound engineering for the church.

Prophetic Worship Art: Foundations – In this foundational workshop taught by Julie Gay and Maurita Hudson, the participants will learn what Prophetic Worship Art is, how to overcome stumbling blocks, and how to connect with Holy Spirit to release their creativity through hands-on activations to practice what was learned. $5 materials fee for provided art supplies. Open to Ages 12 and above (children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult).

Prophetic Worship Art: Advanced Concepts – NOTE: Attendees of this workshop must also attend the morning breakout session of the same name. In this advanced workshop taught by Paul and Jan Atencio, vision will be cast for the importance of bringing the Kingdom to earth through the arts. Exploring areas of personal excellence and your true self…your identity in Jesus Christ will be a major focus as we step deeper into the realm of co-creating with Holy Spirit. The participants will learn how to use different techniques of layering to create an abstract acrylic painting on wood panels while connecting with the Glory Realm. Some painting experience required. $20 materials fee for provided art supplies. Please sign up in advance to ensure adequate supplies.

Vocal Ensemble Rehearsal – Steve Swanson will lead this rehearsal for worship leaders and worship team members attending the conference. The group will learn vocal parts for the opening portion of New Life City’s Saturday evening worship service at 6pm.