Haiti Missions Trip

Haiti Missions Trip

Saint-Marc, Haiti

time 11:00 pm

June 5, 2017

A team of youth and young adults from New Life City is travelling to Centre-Vie Orphanage in Saint-Marc Haiti from June 5th to 15th, 2017. The team will be staying at the orphanage, sleeping on the floor, and eating meals prepared by the staff at the orphanage. On this trip the team will distribute water filters and food packages in the community, run a VBS for the orphanage and neighborhood kids, preach the gospel and heal the sick. Downtime will be spent helping the orphanage staff, playing with kids, worshiping, praying and visiting the stunning beaches of Saint-Marc.
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What Do I Need To Pack?
You will need to bring:
• a thin mat (you’ll be sleeping on a concrete floor)
• very thin sleeping bag (it’s really hot there)
• a pillow case or travel pillow
• a nalgene water bottle (we will provide filtered safe drinking water for you to put in it)
• travel size toiletries
• a modest swim suit (one-piece)
• socks & underwear
• 2 pairs of pants
• ankle length skirt (girls only)
• 1 long-sleeve button down shirt
• 1 t-shirt (we will provide you with 2 team shirts)
• close-toed shoes
• flip-flops

How do I pack:
All bedding will be packed together into duffle bags at NLC and checked. Personal items need to fit into one carry-on. Checked baggage for personal items will not be allowed.

What Does the Registration Fee Cover?
Your registration fee of $1,500 includes your flight, travel insurance, ground transportation, food, accommodation and 2 t-shirts. You will not need money for any living expenses but bring spending money for souvenirs, gifts, beach day purchases (you may want ice cream!)

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