Pastoral Staff

Alan Hawkins
Senior Pastor

Gail Hawkins

Charlie Elmore
Associate Pastor

Steve Dragswolf
Discipleship Pastor

Colleen Sullivan
Youth Pastor

Amber Swardson
Children's Pastor


We Believe.

WE BELIEVE AND SUBSCRIBE to the Apostles Creed, the Nicene Creed, and Global Awakening's Statement of Faith.

WE ARE A SPIRIT AND WORD CHURCH, meaning we are rooted in the Holy Spirit and are grounded in the Word of God. We participate in the gifts of the Spirit, believing they are fully active today and that God uses them to establish His Kingdom on earth. We celebrate new creation, New Covenant life with gratitude to Jesus for His atoning death and life-giving resurrection. 

WE ARE A FAMILY. God did His work in a family and we strive to be a large family community with many fathers and mothers. Our goal is good health and strength for our family, not tallying how many people are members. Therefore, we don't practice traditional membership. Our members are family who self-identify with us, and we are all defined by our relationship with Christ. Newcomers can become leaders in the church family through faithful attendance, sufficient involvement, and steady giving. We ask all Newcomers to come in "low and slow," that is to enter our family with humility and grace. Let us get to know each other first and then we'll grow together. 

WE ARE A HOUSE OF PRAYER. We were born in prayer and prophecy and we continue both heavily. 




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