School of Kingdom Ministry


A Vision for Every Believer

Many churches desire to equip their attendees with training and impartation in the supernatural. Because of that, supernatural ministry schools have been a subject of much interest in the last ten years. Students are offered an immersion experience in the supernatural and come back enthusiastic about living a naturally supernatural lifestyle that results in kingdom impact; which is what we all want for the people in our church. The School of Kingdom Ministry offers a unique means to training in this area.

If everybody gets to play, shouldn’t everybody be able to get trained?

Here is what we find unfortunate about many of the supernatural ministry schools out there that we’ve tried to rethink with the School of Kingdom Ministry: the program isn’t set up to train the average person. A full-time program obviously allows for a depth of experience and training that is highly beneficial for those that can participate, but the fact is most of us can’t make that time or financial commitment work. Unless you’re willing to move somewhere and take a year or two without working, you really don’t have many options. What about people who have kids or have to work full time?

The School of Kingdom Ministry is a supernatural ministry school developed for the everyday person and the everyday church. Our goal is to provide top-notch teaching and equipping to the everyday believer who can’t put their life on hold to attend a training school. We believe ‘everybody gets to play’ and so everybody deserves to be trained.

A Vision for Every Church

Once we began thinking along the lines of training everybody and we began to see the impact the training had on people’s lives, we began to ask ourselves the next question; what if every believer in every church could be trained? We set to work to figure out what it would take to take our school to other churches rather than trying to bring other churches to us.

Could every church train everyone?

Starting in 2012, we began to build a network of schools based on a plug-and-play model. We know pastors and ministry leaders are busy. You don’t have time to add extra things to your plate, so we’ll bring the School of Kingdom Ministry to your church or ministry without you having to do any extra work. You give us a leader; we’ll train them and give you a school. Then you get the benefits of ministry happening with your people, in your city.

For more information please visit the official School of Kingdom Ministry website.

See you in class.