Life Groups

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Monday Night Football
Time: 6:30pm
Jeff Livingston



You’ve Got a Friend
Time: 6:00pm-8:00pm
Kathy Garcia & Laurel Hawkins

Worship & the Holy Spirit
Location: New Life City
Time: 6:30pm
Peter Livingston
Come explore the movement of the Holy Spirit
through worship music

Come Dance with Me
Location: New Life City
Time: 6:30pm
Carrie Martinez
This is not a dance & flag class! This is a worship group, at least 40 minutes of straight worship. Everyone is invited to join us, regardless of any dance experience. You may dance of course! But there are many other beautiful ways our group expresses themselves to our Lord. We dance, flag, sing, soak, pray, weep, etc. FREEDOM: We are free to worship our God in any way the Spirit moves us. INTERCESSION: during the worship, we press in with Heaven for healing & other breakthroughs. Young children (under 8) may only attend by special permission from Carrie. All children must be with an adult. No childcare provided.

Spare Not Food Pantry Outreach
Location: New Life City
Time: 10:15am (2nd Tuesday of every month)
Christine Poper
All children must be with their parents

This institution is an equal opportunity provider.



Intercessory Prayer Group
Location: New Life City
Time: 5:30pm
Bernie & Vickie Pleau
505.250.5872 or 505.239.7877
No Childcare Provided

Ladies Night Out
Second Thursday of each month
Location: Sweet Tomatoes on San Mateo
Time: 6:15pm
Kari Kopchick

Kingdom Living
Location: Daniel & Katie’s home
Time: 6:30pm
Daniel & Katie Schmierer
Childcare provided

Bible Study
Time: 7:00pm-9:00pm
Mike & Susan Cooper



Friday Night at the Movies
Location: John & JoDee Scholz’s home
Time: 6:30pm
John & JoDee Scholz
505.489.3402 or 505.489.3466
Check the board in the foyer for the weekly movie



Street Outreach
Location: Flying Star downtown at 723 Silver Ave SW
Time: 10:00pm
John Scholz



Jail Ministry
Special Permission Required
Time: 9:00am
Susan Gafner & Lauri Foss

Young Adult Group
Location: See bulletin
Time: 6:00pm
Pastors Alan and Gail Hawkins

Spread The Word!