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What’s the Story?

New Life City really began with a word given in a prayer meeting about April 2000. “We are leaving,” was all that was said. Only about 15 people were present. We were praying for revival and for an evangelistic meeting at our Baptist church. Within 4 months those words would dramatically be fulfilled. New Life City was launched out of the generosity of a Baptist church.

Our founding pastor, Alan Hawkins, had experienced Holy Spirit renewal in 1997 at a Doctoral Seminar under C. Peter Wager. Three years later in June 2000 a message about the gifts and work of the Holy Spirit created a stir.

Within one month a group called New Life Christian Fellowship was blessed and released from the Baptist Church to start a new Church. It was an unprecedented act. One of the members of the Baptist church simply said, I have a vision of two healthy churches growing together in the same community.’ We parted with blessings exchanged and a financial severance which made a new church possible.

New Life met in a park for three weeks in July/August 2000 seeking God’s direction. The pastor of a local vineyard, Errol Faulkes of Heights Vineyard was asked to join the pastoral staff and his church blended together in a church that would be neither Baptist nor Vineyard but something ‘new.’ This was not a merger but a melting together of kindred hearts. No ‘marriage’ is seamless but this was a good match from the first. One group joyfully entering life ‘in the Spirit,’ coming together with another that was constantly expecting and experiencing the presence of the Lord.

We met in a church building that had become a business. The nursery, auditorium and sound system were all in place and unused on Sunday mornings. From the beginning we agreed on some basics. We would have simple structures, an emphasis on seeking the Lord for everything, a value for relationships, a message of the kingdom of God, a welcoming heart for the Spirit’s work and a love for the nations. We have kept those values and today live with one expectation.

The kingdom of God is at hand because Jesus is Lord. He is the king who reigned from the cross and now sits on the throne at the right hand of God having poured out his Holy Spirit upon us. We reign with him who loved us and gave himself for us. We expect the kingdom’s full manifestation and the complete victory of our God.

What is with the name?

Simply put the name represents God’s building of a people into a community who are characterized by the gift new life in Christ.

The name is original and intentionally unusual. It accomplishes several things. First,. It avoids placing the title ‘church’ on an entity or a building. People erroneously associate the idea of church with buildings or institutions. The church is a people not a building.

Second, by using city in the name of the fellowship it adds the suggestion of God’s New Jerusalem. In scripture the New Jerusalem is coming down out of heaven from God. (Rev 21) It also refers to a city that has already arrived among us. (Heb. 12) So the use of ‘city’ is an intentional allusion to that which God will accomplish and is presently accomplishing in the world. He is building his people into a habitation for himself.

Historically our church became New Life because we all left former things and came to embrace new things. This is especially true of the new things of the Spirit. Some of us died to an old way of walking out our Christian life and were resurrected to a new life.

To summarize, New Life City means a community people born from above.


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